Why Us

The Problems

• Infectious diseases -14 to 73% of India’s disease burden.

• Infectious disease diagnostics required skilled competent resources, and advanced technology such as Automated microbiology and molecular techniques.

• Nonavailability of specialized diagnostic resources backed by experience and expertise is a huge gap in the current serving population.

Our solution

• Started in December 2017 Acme offers near patient reference laboratory menu at reasonable pricing and quicker turnaround times, with at par technology and expertise.

• Only NABL/ICMR approved state of the art laboratory in Dombivli for the diagnosis of infectious diseases like Covid19,Tuberculosis,Dengue,HIV,H1N1 etc.

• Caters to a surrounding 100 km area in and around Dombivli, Kalyan, Ambernath , Bhiwandi and adjoining areas.

• Services through walk-in patients, home and hospital collection, laboratories and clinics.

Our solution- Competitive advantage

Specialized Molecular ID/lab.
Scientific expertise, experience.
Accessibility Convenience Near patient Service.
Efficient logistics Home visits for sample collection.
Accurate Timely reports, Aggressive TAT.
Advanced technology Affordable pricing.
Global standards First and only lab NABL,ICMR ISO 15189.